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During this difficult time, we know the importance of assisting our biomed event community to stay connected and informed of the rapidly changing climate of the medical industry.

So, we're thrilled that we were able to virtually help over 1,100 biomed thought leaders from 33 countries come together during our inaugural virtual event, BIOMEDevice Digital Express to digitally source, learn and network.

Suppliers had the opportunity to connect with exhibitors directly via virtual business cards, and live chat about their latest products, components, and technologies.

Tips were shared on how businesses could survive COVID-19, or factors to consider on moving to a new company.

Four notable companies presented a 15-minute webinar on their latest technology and products.

Expert panelists from MEDX Ventrues Group, Activ Surgical, Philips, and Vocalis Health, discussed the future of incorporating AI, enhanced instrumentation and visualization, using technology to optimize surgeons’ outcomes, and more.

Protolabs presented on how to take disruption our of the supply chain and product development.

Velentium discussed how to incorporate cybersecurity into the medical device development cycle.

Boston Scientific provided insights on how to combat on-demand healthcare challenges for R&D and front-end engineers.

Four notable companies presented a 15-minute webinar on their latest technology and products.

Suppliers and buyers increased their network and connected for an hour and a half.

In our continued efforts to bridge our biomed suppliers and buyers together, and the success brought from our BIOMEDevice Digital Express virtual event, we’ll be holding an even larger digital expo on November 4-5, 2020 – BIOMEDigital.

Stay tuned for more information.