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Get the Go-Ahead to Attend BIOMEDevice Boston Featuring Design & Manufacturing.

Two days at BIOMEDevice Boston will empower you (and your company) for months to come by exposing you to the people, processes, and technologies that’ll move your projects to the next development stage. You already know this show is a must for making valuable connections and staying current in your field — now it's time to convince your boss.

Tip: Focus on what you'll bring back to the team and the value beyond what you get. Keep it short, powerful, and company- or team-focused.

Tips to Make It Happen

When crafting your plan, think about the bottom line: Why should the company budget for your trip and what's the return on the investment?

  • Determine the value – Lay out the specifics on how your attendance will impact current projects, inspire knowledge, and eliminate obstacles.
  • Be solutions-driven – What issues pop up again and again? List exhibitors who could provide the solutions your team needs.
  • Provide a post-show rundown – Offer to deliver a short presentation or write-up on your key takeaways.
  • Plan for your absence – Whether it's working ahead or tapping a colleague to help out, explain how your missed time will be covered.
  • Make it cost-effective – This event is free, but you can still offer to share a hotel room with colleagues or carpool to cut costs.

Why Attend?

Medtech is moving fast. Did you know that Boston is home to the nation's highest number of medical devices companies? Plus, BIOMEDevice is the only event in the Boston area that offers end-to-end solutions for medical device manufacturing professionals, allowing you to get the support you need to turn concepts into competitive products on the market.

The reasons to attend are many, but here are three important points to make to your boss:

  1. 335+ companies: Source from suppliers including Accumold, Formlabs, and Tekscan and find the latest in design software and rapid prototyping, 3D printing, sensors, and more.
  2. Expert-led sessions: There's no shortage of free education at the expo, including presentations and panel discussions spotlighting growth in areas like 3D printing, point-of-use sensing, and robotics. And for those looking for more, the conference will dive deep into artificial intelligence.
  3. Make connections, fast: From large medical manufacturers to up-and-coming startups, meet medtech's major players when you mingle with 2,200+ professionals.

Sample Letter to Management

Download our sample letter to use as a starting point while conveying the importance of BIOMEDevice Boston to your boss. Simply tweak the message to sound like you and add a greeting and signature.

Expense Worksheet

One question inevitably comes up: How much will this cost? Make sure you’ve taken all costs into consideration and are prepared with a thoughtful answer.